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Oliver´s Ice Climbing

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Service provided by the Outdoor Passion Finland Oy

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Oliver Chalets has announced 2019 partnership with the outdoor activity service provider in Ruka, Outdoor Passion Finland Oy.


Ice climbing in the winter wonderland of Ruka Ski resort? Sounds interesting. Ice climbing is a great way to challenge yourself and get in touch with arctic conditions, snow and ice. This adventure is not about how high or low you go – it’s about how to manage your body and mind. You’ll be overwhelmed by your performance and you’ll gain the confidence of an arctic ice warrior!

No previous experience is needed – we’ll guide you throughout and teach you the basic techniques and good manners in ice climbing. We are accredited climbing instructors and we value and put high emphasis on high-quality climbing and safety equipment.

You will be given mountaineering climbing boots with crampons, harness, helmet and all other climbing equipment needed at meeting point. You only need to bring your own outdoor clothing suitable for the arctic outdoor conditions and a curious outdoor attitude.

A professional climbing instructor will guide the ice climbers to the wall. As you have reached the ice wall, you will be given instructions in the basics in ice climbing. We return down to the Ruka Village, when you have been challenged enough and conquered yourself both physically and mentally. In the village we will take a moment to reflect the climbing experience, with a well-deserved hot drink. This program is organized according to the weather and ice conditions.

Ice climbing in Ruka Ski resort is suitable for beginners, who want to challenge themselves outdoors and are not afraid to try new adventures in arctic winter environment. Age limit is 12 yrs and children need to be accompanied by their guardian. If younger children want to join, please contact us to get more info.


Outdoor Passion Finland Oy offers for Oliver Chalets customers 10% discount of service list prices.


To receive the discount please call or email.

Please be prepared to provide the cabin reservation confirmation for the service provider.

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